Saturday 14 November 2009

fairie-ality style book . . . .

dont forget your copy of the fairie-ality style book
peep inside here & see buying info here
* * *
david also created the fairie-ality book of costumes
see here


Tanith said...

Both books are new to me and I can't believe how perfect they are!!! The pictures are just gorgeous, the man's imagination is amazing:)) I must get copies of these I can see me dipping into them over and over.

And thank you so much for featuring my masks... I really appreciated that gracious gesture you are very kind :)

Take Care
Tanith x

Narrative jewelry said...

I took a look inside the book and the photos are gorgeous. What an imagination had this man, extraordinaire.

Thank you to share with us your universe.


Anonymous said...

I've just found your blog. It is a true gem in the cyber world. I leave a small Swedish footprints behind me. I will be back!

Greetings from Sweden & Agneta

Jess said...

Gosh, Ruthie you continue to amaze with your fantastic findings!x

Alina said...

I just LOVE to visit you! Behind each door there is sheer magic. Thank you :0)

Ruthie Redden said...

Tanith - you are very welcome, your masks had to be shown, they are stunning. I quite agree about these books & wanting to dip into them all the time.

Narrative jewellry - i know, one guy & all that imagination!!!

Sinnlighet_ lovely to meet you, and so pleased you enjoyed your visit here. x

Hi Jessie- i try ;-) x x x

Alina - thank you, that is so sweet x x

thak you all, have a fab day x

Kate W. said...

I'm buying these!