Friday 17 February 2012

Thursday 16 February 2012

Suspended together . . .

"Suspended Together"
 The doves hung in this instillation  by Manal AlDowayan 
each carry a donated permission document from leading women of Saudi Arabia. 
A document that each & every woman has to have there to enable them to travel.
 The doves in actuality, signifying the total lack of freedom these women have.
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Wednesday 15 February 2012

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Monday 6 February 2012

A knight in shining armour . . .

Stunning images by Belgium photographer Viona.
she makes the costumes, finds stunning locations, 
sets the scenes & takes the photographs.
Sometimes even appearing in them herself.

Friday 3 February 2012

With a touch of Scottish heather . . .

Wonderful creations from members of
the McEtsy team.
All Scottish crafters & artists.

Thursday 2 February 2012

For the love of . . .

Perfect for Valentines day the delicate details on these
love magnets