Saturday 7 November 2009

faerie homes . . .

sweet wee faerie folk homes


Jo Potter said...

Oh lovely the fairy home is ready for me to move in!:)
Thank you for your visit. It is always good to see you...
I think we have a lot in common too. We are both Celtic girls at heart!;)
I am very proud of my Celtic roots. I feel it is very important that we preserve the Celtic traditions for future generations... Do you think so?
I'm glad you enjoyed the Waterboys song, "Stolen Child".
See you again soon sweetie and have a good week as well.
My pointy fairy shoes are here too...Wonderful!!

Ruthie Redden said...

Hello treasure

Yay for us celtic girls!!! i do agree with you re preserving our celtic roots. i want my work to show this more & more & am researching scots celtic traditions etc for a set of paitnings i hope to do! Have a fab week, in your faerie house wearing your faerie shoes lol x x x