about ruthie

Hello, so lovely to meet you.
i am ruthie, the creator of this blog
i am an artist & illustrator
a mother of three & a wife
home is nestled amongst the hills & forests
in beautiful south west scotland,

even as a child i lived in a dream world,
a place of faerietales, fantasy & folklore
dressing up, drawing , collecting, making.

i am still a collector of “things”
intricate pieces of driftwood from the beaches,
dried seedpods from the hedgerows,
feathers found on woodland walks

and i am a still maker of "things"
there are not enough hours in the day
to do all the wonderful creative projects
i have tumbling around in my mind

My own personal blog 5 precious things  
is the story of my creative journey...
In that wee nook of the woods are bits & pieces
of my creativity, there you can have a peep at my
illustrations, my photographs & my words.

it is called “precious things” . . .
the jewel hues of a butterfly wing,
the infectious sound of a child’s laughter,
the delicate touch of raindrops on upturned faces.
we are surrounded by so much that is precious…
we just have to take the time to notice x

* * *
do come over & visit
it would be lovely to hear from you