Friday, 16 April 2010

sun & sky felted boots

"sun & sky"
sunshine boots for little feet
for sunshiny days
apologies for missing the odd day
life is so very hectic here
shall post about it on my other blog very soon
missing you all
x x x
tomorrow i shall anounce the winner of my hare print!


Jasmine said...

These boots are too cute. Good luck with your moving and unpacking. Have a wonderful weekend too xJ

JJ said...

Cute boots for cute toots. Don't think they'd suit me, though. I'd lose all my street cred with the local rat population. They might start taking liberties.

Hope it's not a bad hectic, Ruthie.

Sarah Pogue said...

Oh, I want these for my little bambina! I plan to dress her whimsically until she is old enough to protest =)

softearthart said...

Love the colors, to cool, cheers Marie

Ruthie Redden said...

Jasmine, thank you, we are just getting started had to move middle daughter out to her new home first.

Jeff- thank you too, it has been a bad hectic for a month or more, but things have turned a corner this week, phewph, i can breathe a huge sigh of relief now. PS. best not to go upsetting those rats lol.

Archetypal theatre, i dont blame you, i did too with my girls when they were wee, i loved it!!

Hi Marie, hope you are well x x

hope you all have a wonderful weekend, im off to pack!! x x

JJ said...

Ruthie speaks! Glad to hear you. Look forward to you making landfall again soon.