Wednesday 29 April 2009

tree sculpture by pooktre

tree sculpture by pooktreamazing tree sculptures at Pooktre


Hermes said...

Fantastic, I would love that.

Blackash said...

Hi this is Becky form Pooktre
Thanks for the post.
You may also be intrested in come and meet all the tree shapers from around the world.
Here is some information about shaping and a few different people who shape trees.

Ruthie Redden said...

Hi Becky, you are very welcome, i just love these growing tree sculptures. so beautiful. thank you for the link i shall go and check it out. when i was small my grandad & my dad made us a wonderful living tree, tree house, with branches bending & woven over our heads t give us a living green roof, i oved that the tree still grew as we played underneath it in our hidden house.

Robin said...

very cool! I love it!