Thursday 19 July 2012

A dragon to ride . . .

make the most wonderful childrens rockers,
from dragons & unicorns to trains & tigers.
I do love dragons and this one is called Drakin!
 Scott & Trish Snyder the Creators tell me they are working on an adult size version.
 At the moment they are working on a Humvee rocker, part of their "Hero's Rock" progam. 
It will be a tribute rocker for the child of a fallen hero.
You can watch the progress of each of their projects on facebook page here.

 and find their website here .


LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

This is so fabulous! Am I too old for one? (hee hee) x

Charlotte said...

I want an adult sized one! one to sit and dream on.

Mandy said...

This is awesome! I've been wanting a rocking horse for my kids, but this would be so much cooler! (And an adult size one? Yes, I'd be sitting on that thing all day!)