Thursday 1 July 2010

the broken plate . . .

i sometimes find and collect
tiny pieces of broken crockery on the shore!
so loved this idea from


Acornmoon said...

What a lovely idea! Like you, I collect pieces from the shore, I love the way the elements age and soften the edges.

Jagusia said...

Wooow........... beautiful
Great idea!

Liliana Lucki said...

Maravilloso y bello espacio !!!

Felicitaciones.Desde Argentina,Liliana

JJ said...

Ode to an Artist
JJ Beazley

Ruthie finds her bits of plate
Upon the sandy shore
Being clumsy, I find mine
Upon the kitchen floor.

This is what Scotland’s principal export does for you. Desist or become a poet.

Ruthie Redden said...

jeff, thanks, u made my day lol
as a family when we were younger we were always making up funny words & odd poems, this is right up there with the best!