Tuesday 26 January 2010

mac book. . . . book cover

what a beautiful way to cover your mac book
(if you happen to have one)
each and every one slightly different
book covers here


Jasmine said...

So much fun, the best one i have seen yet.

I hope you are well? xx

softearthart said...

How cool are these. Cheers Marie

Ruthie Redden said...

Jasmine, aren't they, i love them!! I am well thank u, rushing about!! Hope you are ok too x x x x

Softearth art, thank you for visiting, i had a quick peep at your blog, love your felting creations, beautiful x

Unknown said...

So, so great...I know a lot of scholars who would looooove this ;O)

Roberta said...

Nice and very funny! I haven't a Mac, but I suppose it should be appropriate even for a windows notebook.

This is my first comment here on your blog. I've discovered it only today, Ruthie, and your works and pics have really impressed me: they are really enchanted and beautiful. Brava!