Friday 16 October 2009

the berlin reunion . . giant marionettes

celebrating the 20th anniversary of the
fall of the berlin wall

Company Royal de Luxe put oh their amazing production
"The Giants Arrive“ it is their biggest so far.
* * *
the company have done other street theatre productions with giant puppets
in London (2006) and Santiago de Chile (2007) before,
they have been performing for over 30 years.
here for more amazing photos
* * *


Richard Jesse Watson said...

These are spectacular, Ruthie. I saw Mozart's The Magic Flute performed by the Salzburg Marionette Theatre, and I was amazed. But this takes puppetry to another level. Thanks for sharing this.

Sculptor Dude said...

Luv your blog! I was happy to see so much interest in sculpture and design.

christina said...

Oh I remember seeing Royal de Luxe performing 'Le Peplum' years ago as part of the street theatre component of the Perth International Arts was INCREDIBLE...they even had the theatrical version of 'smellavision'...wonderful, wonderful stuff!

Ruthie Redden said...

Richard - that sounds wonderful, i do love marionettes, of ALL sizes!

goodnevilguy -thank you!

Christina - what a wonderful experience, sometimes i miss not living nearer to "happenings" sighs.