Tuesday 7 July 2009

sea urchin rings - star of the east

sea urchin ring from star of the east sea urchin rings from


gypsy moon designs said...

I love Star of the East jewelry. Is the ring fragile? It sure is a beauty!

Jasmine said...

Its a beautiful ring. I love sea shell jewelry :)

Ruthie Redden said...

gypsymoon, they say on the site that the sea urchins are filled with polyurethane foam and covered with epoxy to make them strong and shiny!

Jasmine -i love these as they are made from natural things -living so near to the sea i am inspired by seaside findings

StaroftheEast said...

Hi Ruthie,
Wow your blog is gorgeous, fairtale indeed!
Thank you so much for the feature, we are honored!!

Gypsy Moon, the urchins are not ment to box with someone :D But when you are a bit careful you can enjoy them for a long time!