Saturday, 5 February 2011

Myth Weaver . . .

All this wonderful inspiration has been leading me here ,
at last, i am very proud to announce the opening of . . .
* * * .
* * *
* * *
my very own on-line Etsy shop.
* * *
I am a pictorial storyteller,
my paintings are woven with myth & magic.
Pieces of Scottish & Celtic folklore
sayings, songs & superstitions
find their way into my work.
Through the every changing seasons of the year,
& Mother Nature i find my inspirations.
* * *
I will be selling original art work, prints , cards
& from time to time, my one-of-a kind
tiny animals sculptures, hand stitched bits & bobs
& other lovelies i am stirred to make.
* * *
Each print & artwork comes with a gift,
a handmade tiny book
filled with relevant snippets of folklore,
& scatterings of my other works.
If a print or art work is bought as a gift
a personal message can be added to the booklet.
* * *
Please do pop by my shop & let me know what you think.
Have a lovely, smile filled weekend
x x x


Valerianna said...

Congratulations, Ruthie! I look forward to popping over for a visit. Sometime in the near future I hope to open a shop of my own... but there has been little time for much else but work and shoveling off rooftops and paths these days with record snowfall her in New England!

May your shop bring you abundance of many kinds.

Valerianna said...

The shop looks great! And I love the lore books, what a great idea.

Lynn said...

Ruthie, your shop is just lovely! Congratulations and all the best with it. (I particularly like the Moon Hare Maiden.)

Jil Casey said...

Congrats and best wishes Ruthie! Your designs are beautiful.

bois-fleurie said...

Your blog is full of lovely things I am delighted to have found it. Will look at your Etsy shop right now. Hope it is a huge sucess

Laura {Gypsea Tree} said...

Congratulations Ruthie! I am so excited that you have opened a shop! I'm going to head over there now. You work is wonderful and so full of the same wonderful spirit you share in your blogs and in the lovely comments you leave us all. All the very very best to you with your new adventure!

Victoria said...

Ruthie..yay!!.Congrats to you..such fabulous news..gorgeous magical..I know your shop will be ever-enchanting as you! Your heart shines through all that you do...shine on!Many blessings on your new venture!

Unknown said...

Hi Ruthie, Wow haven't you been busy. I'm so pleased for you! It's a great idea and outlet for your lovely creations. May it be a massive success for you!
xx Jen

PK Studios said...

Congratulations!!! Beautiful pieces! Lots of success to you!
: )

Donna~Q~ said...

Kudos on your Etsy shop ~ it is filled with delightful things!

Diana said...

Congrats and welcome to Etsy!

mirsini's creations said...

Congratulations for your new on-line shop and good luck!! Your work is very,very beautiful! I'm following your blog cause i like it a lot! Have a nice week! Bye,bye! :)

Kate W. said...

Your work is lovely! I am dazzled by the Celtic birds!

Ruthie Redden said...

Thank you lovely folks for your messages & support on my new venture. x

Valerianna, i hope you are winning with your snow battles ;-)

I shall visit you all soon x

Dorote said...

it's been a while since i was checking your blog, and oh mine - you added so many beautiful/wonderful/intresting thingies - I had a great plesure again.
Opening your very own Etsy Shop was a great idea. I love your drawings and your stories and i bet many people will love them too.
Best of luck!

Ruthie Redden said...

Dear Dorote, thank you x

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