Friday, 22 October 2010

fir cone ring


Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Hello Ruthie,

Oh! I've just come upon your comment this very moment, and it has made my Friday morning even more lovely! x

I'm so thrilled to have made you smile, for isn't that what we are all here for? How brilliant is this fantastic medium that enables us to see the sameness and the difference of human-kind in a virtual instance! The more I feast the more I realise how very much alike we all are and yet so myriad in our differences.

The beautiful exquisite creations you discover allow us to marvel at the magnificence of imagination and skill.

I'm SO glad to have found my way here and to have had the chance to say, "Thank you, you're a Star!".

Much hugs xOOxx

Ruthie Redden said...

Thank you Jane, you're a sweetie. I agree, it is wonderful this sharing & discovering & connecting. Have a wonderful weekend x x

Anonymous said...

I know I keep repeating myself here, but you find the most gorgeous, wonderful things, Ruthie! I'm on my way over to visit the site.

Happy weekend to you!
~ Zuzu

Laura {Gypsea Tree} said...

OH my that ring is wonderful! Perfect fall attire.

Ruthie Redden said...

Zuzu, than you and you too x x