Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sounds of the sea driftwood chimes . . .

As we walk the shorelines along balmy seas or stormy waves
 we keep a wary eye open for treasures thrown up from the deep.
I collect these offerings take them home to my studio
 "Shades of the sea " are the creations I make from my findings.
Driftwood & shell chimes with delicate coloured ribbons

As the breeze catches a chime you can hear a delicate noise
the song of the shells, bringing thoughts of the wonderful ocean to mind
and as the mobile moves, its individual pieces shift & change about,
forming mesmerising sculptural shapes.

You can find my driftwood chimes for sale here & here
 or read about my beach combing adventures, treasures found
and other seaside loveliness here

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Anonymous said...

Lovely work ... :0)