Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Celtic Blessing Tree give-away . . .

As promised a give-away  as a thank you to all my lovely followers.
I have here sat in my studio an A4 print of my newest creation
"Celtic Blessing Tree"  to give to some lovely reader.
You can read more about the give-away on my personal blog
 "5 Precious things"
* * *
Written around the tree is the Celtic Irish blessing "Deep Peace"
 So, to enter I thought it would be lovely to hear
your thoughts on what brings you "Peace". . . .

For me is is being out in Mother nature,
walking in quiet woods, listening to the song of birds or 
standing on a sandy shore, the tang of the sea on my tongue.
 * * *
 To enter please leave your "Deep Peace" thoughts below.
Open for comments until Saturday 31st March midnight.
( a special date for me as it was the day Mr O & I 1st met).
  I do ask that you be either a follower of this blog,
my personal blog 5 Precious things or
my Ruthie Redden Artworks Facebook page to take part.

I so look forward to hearing what brings you Peace . . .
and thought it might be lovely to compile some of them
in a later post -  if you dont mind that is ;-)
x x x 
 (ps: The print is also for sale in my shop Mythweaver )


Sandies' Patch said...

This a beautiful work of love and art!

Sandie xx

Mickie Mueller Art said...

This is a beautiful piece! I feel most at peace when I've put aside my work for the evening and I'm relaxing with my husband, watching a movie or reading books together. That feeling of being near someone without needing to impress them or fill the moment with much more than just being together. That's peace to me. Love your blog, and following 5 precious things too. I just found your Facebook and liked it too now. Thanks for sharing your beautiful gift. :o)

Rain said...

This is so lovely! I've been a follower of both of your inspiring sites, but haven't formally "signed up" until today. I hope I can still be in the drawing :-).

For me, peace is resting in stillness, in the arms of my beloved.

RedTwigBrownTwig said...

What a wonderful work of art! I am lucky to live on a beautiful island that still carries on many Celtic traditions. It's possible to hear the sounds of Celtic music drift across the air on a summer evening if your near a community hall. Being connected to this land gives me a sense of peace.

Dorote said...

I am totally agree with all what you have mentioned Ruthie, and one more thing to add - I can't spend hours and hours in a car on highway. Being carried away and observing the landscape changing brings always such a good feeling to me... I think if I would not be a doll artist, I could become a long distance truck driver :)

Cathy at PotterJotter said...

I just love this piece and it got me thinking about what brings me peace. Firstly it would be doing my pottery in my studio being totally absorbed and unaware of time or anything else much. Also, walking by the sea. And reading poetry. xC

Anonymous said...

What an incredible tree. I have collected pieces with subtle hearts since I was a teen. What brings peace to my heart is seeing a new mothers with their babies. the blissful look on each of their faces brings me instantly back to those moments in time with my children. I feel an "all is right with the world" moment.

Magickwyrds said...

Such beautiful piece- I love the colours in it. Thanks for sharing!

Acornmoon said...

This design would lend itself to many different kinds of media. I can see it in enamel, I can see it in leather onlays too, decorating a book cover.

Arte Ideas Arte Sano said...

"to feel everymorning as I wake up, that the sun is shining - even when it's cloudy out-, to feel deep inside that no matter what happened yesterday, every today is a new opportunity."

if it suits you , you can use it! ;-)

D Todo lo Demás said...

Hola he descubierto tú blog y me gusta mucho,ya tienes una seguidora más desde hoy mismo,te invito a visitarme Mil Besos

Ruthie Redden said...

Thank you all ladies for leaving your thoughts on what brings you peace, it has been so lovely to read them all x

and thank you Valerie for all those ideas for the illustration! Maybe i should start considering more than just prints & paintings lol x

Kate W. said...

Wish I had a copy of this!