Friday, 4 March 2011

Gary Burns. . . the wiz

intricately carved tree wizards from
see more beautiful carvings & read about Gary here
Gary Burns "wiz", a self taught wood carver
has been experimenting with wood for 40 years.
I love this quote from Gary's page . . .
"I believe that focusing on Love and Forgiveness
is the gateway to the best of all possible experiences in life."


Shannon said...

Hello Ruthie! Another beautiful selection. I have a large space in my heart for wizards and have collected them for years. These are simply breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

These are amazing, thanks for sharing. What patience he must have!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful carvings - and I love the quote!
Happy weekend to you, Ruthie!
~ Zuzu

Róisín said...

Wonderful work and a wise man to boot! Really lovely stuff :)

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

These are magical,I'd love one...any of them, I can't choose. He sounds like he has had more than 40 years of wisdom too, what a lovely quote!

Happy Sunday tomorrow Ruthie,
Hugs Jane