Friday, 6 November 2009

fairy shoes . . . . believe

wee faeriefolk footwear
"hope is the doorway to belief
belief is the doorway to knowing
what you hope you willeventually believe"


acornmoon said...

How lovely!

Tanith said...

These are delightful :) Tiny and elegant!
I wrote you a little email, hope it arrived safely :)

CIELO said...

uhhh, I want a pair of those lovely fairy shoes....

Fairy Cielo

ruthie said...

Valerie - aren't they just, i am sooo tempted!! again!! :-)

Tanith - i received it & sent a reply , i hope you got it. these are so sweet aren't they!

Fairy cielo - lovely to meet you x x

Marta said...

I love this fairy shoes!