Monday, 13 July 2009

quirky animals by victor dubrovsky

quaint felted animals by
victor dubrovsky


tlchang said...

Oh Ruth! How did I somehow miss out that you were posting such lusciously wonderful things over here????!! Oh my goodness! Incredible finds. Wow. Will have to visit *every day*!

Richard Jesse Watson said...
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Richard Jesse Watson said...

These are so cool. I once was asked to judge an art competition and the finest piece by far was a small "painting" made out of dryer lint. These felt animals have the same humble elegance.

Medieval Muse said...

Amazing how the artist creates such vitality and whimsy with wool! I half expect the dog to bark.

Ruthie Redden said...

tlc - will love to have you visit every day!

richard - love that description - humble elegance-perfect!

medieval muse, they do look caught in the moment don't they.